• Welcome New Retailer: Alair in Seattle, Washington

    Seattle, Washington is a super cool place and we’re elated to have new representation by a groovy shop in the city. Let us introduce you to Alair. Owner Shandon stocks Alair up with all kinds of heartfelt, happy goodies and gifts, perfect for any occasion. With the help of her shop dog Dylan, Shandon has for almost two years been the go-to friendly neighborhood shop. To be working with Shandon is a dream come true for us, not just because we love her aesthetic but because we align with her philosophy of selling uplifting things. Shandon was so kind to share more: 

    I opened Alair in Dec 2016- we do a lot of unique and small batch gifts and always want to be kind- so there is a lot of funny stuff and cuss words and dirty things, but there is never anything mean or calling names.  We want to lift up everyone around us... with humor of course.  :)

    Alair - Shop in Seattle, WA

    When asked about her favorite Page Stationery Product, Shandon said:

    I was drawn to the Page Stationery gift wrap and then lost my mind over the Atticus products, of course.  When I opened the store, I wanted to get "Chase your stars, fool.  Life is short" tattooed on me, but I think that everyone in the world gets his work tattooed on them, so I'm settling for one of the prints.  I carry his lovely book in the shop too.

    "Chase your stars fool - Life is short." Letterpress Card from LOVE HER WILD - An Atticus Collection

    "She was that wild thing I loved, my dark between the stars." Letterpress Art Print from LOVE HER WILD, An Atticus Collection

    Thank you Alair for joining our team! See more of this beautiful shop (and of the cute dog Dylan) on their Instagram: www.instagram.com/alairseattle or visit their website for more information: https://www.alairseattle.com/

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