• Welcome Merrymaker Fine Paper!

    We are excited to introduce a new stockist, right in our backyard of Richmond, Virginia. Merrymaker Fine Paper is located in the area of Richmond known as Carytown. Carytown is a charming couple of blocks lined with cool shops and hip restaurants. Established in 1979, Merrymaker has been a staple in this community for decades as the go-to invitation + paper good shop. 

    Merrymaker Fine Paper - Shop Windows

    This year we met the owners Heather and Kelley at the National Stationery Show and were flattered that they placed an order with us. We asked them how Merrymaker got started and here is what Heather told us:

    "Merrymaker opened as a party, invitation and stationery store in 1979. Kelley and I were helping her sister create invitations for her wedding when we came into Merrymaker and saw their sign: 'Time to retire - Business for sale!' Kelley grew up in Richmond and has fond memories of buying stickers as a kid in Merrymaker in the ‘80s, and we both love paper and pens and stationery. With our design background in architecture, the opportunity to design invitations seemed a great fit. Fast forward 5 years, and I run the shop and Kelley helps with the business end of things while still working as an architect. We’ve kept the core elements of the business as we found it, but we’ve added a deep journal selection and we continue to add to our pen and pencil selection. I love the name 'Merrymaker'. Our shop really does seem to make people happy, and that makes me happy."

    Heather also shared her favorite Page Stationery product:

    "My favorite Page Stationery product is the correspondence card with a map of the Virginia coastline on the back and an anchor on the front. I’ve actually had customers requesting these - so I’m glad to finally have them in the shop! They have a classic, elegant design, and they satisfy that desire to see our home state reflected in the products we use. A hand-written note on these cards displays your pride for our beautiful coast."

    Local Navigator Notes

    Thank you Merrymaker Fine Paper for becoming a new local purveyor of our products, we are so excited to partner with you! For more information about Merrymaker Fine Paper, visit their website: http://www.merrymakerpaper.com/ or follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/merrymakerfinepaper/

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