• Spring Break Reminiscing + Adventure Planning

    Spring Break Planning

    Even though March is typically damp and dreary in our fair city of Richmond, I'm welcoming this month with open arms. Seasonal depression is still very real this time of year however while changing the calendar today, I spied one sparkling glimmer of hope. What is that light at the end of the tunnel you ask?

    March 20th, First Day of SPRING.

    Folks, we are just mere weeks from open windows, fresh breezes, tweeting birds, and warm sunshine! There is something about the changing of the seasons that is very nostalgic. In the not-so-distant memories (for some) of Springs past, all of us in the studio recounted how we spent our Spring Breaks. I remembered one year, my friends and I planned a camping trip to the mountains. And it was the MOST EPIC Spring Break of all Spring Breaks (or at least of my Spring Breaks). Not only was it rejuvenating to step away from all of my responsibilities (because I had SO many in college... right...) but the freedom to explore the woods was exhilarating. 

    Camping Essentials: a lantern, some notebooks for sketches and observations, some pencils, a camera,

    We packed up my friend's old station wagon and navigated to The Shenandoah National Park. We parked and wrestled a tent up that was entirely too small to house all of us - but it was our crowded home for the week. During the days, we hiked the trails and climbed craggy mountain faces. Once at the top, my trusty sketchbook emerged from my backpack so I could capture the beauty of the rolling landscape, while my roommate photographed all the flora and fauna.


    At night, in the glow of a giant bonfire, we roasted marshmallows, listened to my talented, music-writer friend strum his guitar and just stargazed up at the amazing night sky.

    Seek what sets your soul on fire... well, how about some s'mores roasted over a fire? Yes please!

    As rugged (and un-glamorous) as these moments were, they also were something magical. We suddenly had the space to be creative and collaborate with each other and nature. And to be disconnected from the internet and other technological distractions was exactly what we needed. So many great stories came from that trip, which we will remember for years to come. 

    To celebrate the upcoming warm weather, I am inspired to plan another Spring Break - perhaps more of the "glamping" type this time only because I'm no longer a fiscally-challenged" college student - but a trip nonetheless, to unplug and to reconnect with friends and nature. In attempts to keep the dream alive in these last few weeks of winter, I have curated a delicious feast of outdoorsy images and ideas on our Pinterest page. Bon Appetite! And cheers to the next adventure.

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