• "Happiness can be found inside!" - Typo Market

    We warmly welcome Typo Market as a new stockist! Started from owner Susan’s “deep and infinite love for all things paper”, Typo Market is a gem of a shop. Currently located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, this shop not only has a sweet story behind it, it’s also a space that feels like home.

    Typo Market, boutique in Stillwater Oklahoma

    Typo Market is a true family business, owned by mother Susan and her three daughters. The family of entrepreneurs also own a local wedding venue – talk about a dynamic group of ladies! The shop opened it’s first location in Georgia in 2016, where daughter Jessica operated Typo Market until she learned that she and her husband were expecting – and so they moved to be closer to family in Stillwater. Jessica with her sisters and mother found the ideal spot for the new Typo Market in their hometown and reopened April 5th of this year.

    Business is booming – and, why wouldn’t it be? Typo Market is a charming store, with an aesthetic that is fresh, colorful and peppered with rustic details (you know, all those natural details that Joanna Gaines would approve of). A cool exposed brick wall is lined neatly with cards and merchandise, an amazing ‘found’ wooden round table displays an assortment of notebooks and pencils with succulents spilling out of a repurposed antique planter. In a kitchen display, thick wooden chopping blocks are propped up with bright aqua bowls, drying flowers and herbs hanging above on an antique wooden rack. There’s this lovely mix of old and new, a meeting of vintage and modern that is very captivating.

    When asked about their favorite Page Stationery product, owner and mom Susan responded,

    “Our favorite Page Stationery product is the This Week's Adventure Desk Pad, although it was hard to narrow it down to one.  We love the color scheme and also the adventure theme.  We are lovers of nature.  Your products are so fresh and beautiful and represent a very crisp and color friendly theme that we want to associate with.”

    This Week's Adventure - Weekly Deskpad

    Thank you Typo Market for joining the Page Stationery family. We’re so happy to have you along as a partner. For more information on Typo Market, check out their website: http://www.typomarket.com/ or follow them on Instagram @typo_market.

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