• BEHIND OUR NEW BRAND: Interview with the Creative Director

    In celebration of our 18th year in the stationery business, we have turned a new page in our aesthetic! To share a bit about our fresh new art direction, we have asked our design dream team about the process behind creating our sweet new logo, brand new products, and the newest additions to our letterpress wedding invitation designs. This week we kick off the blog series with an interview with our Creative Director, Stephanie. Read on to hear all about the creative process!
    Stephanie, Creative Director of PAGE STATIONERY

    PS: What was the main inspiration behind our new logo and branding?

    Stephanie: We are turning 18 this year and felt it was a great time for a fresh look. The new sketchy envelope in our logo represents both our products and custom line and speaks to the root of what we do.

    What do the new brand colors remind you of?

    The new colors perfectly represent the Page style. The navy is classic and we’ve paired it with a cheeky coral to show all sides of our personality. The colors are happy, delightful and sophisticated.

    With the new logo and brand in place now, what direction would you like Page Stationery to go with the overall aesthetic?

    Page is going to constantly evolve, but right now we’re ready to infuse some character and charm into our classic look. We’re experimenting with a new color palette and we’ve developed an extensive group of custom liners we’re confident will wow you! Stay tuned!

    What should everyone look forward to seeing from Page Stationery in the future? What are you most excited about?

    Expect the unexpected! In the future we will still stick to our classic roots, but with a twist. We’re thinking further outside the box with our product and custom designs. In particular, look for our new cleverly curated custom letterpress holiday designs. My favorite is the happy trees! You can’t help but smile.

    What is your favorite new letterpress wedding design? Why?

    Oooh…tough choice! I love the new nautical inspired design with the blind impression of the waves. It’s a really soft, sophisticated (and still beachy!) look that will literally make waves.

    What are the sources of inspiration behind the letterpress wedding designs that you created this year?

    • Summer & Elliott: This couple wants to exude modern elegance. The suite is exquisite in gold & navy, inspired by peacocks, rippling water and all things gilded.
    • Ava & Weston: This is a chic, urban couple who want a less traditional look for their big day. It’s simple, understated and sharp.

    Thank you Stephanie!

    We have lots of behind-the-scenes stories and photos coming this month! Check back in with us for more!